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In 2016 we began celebrating our 143rd year in business. We are really proud to have this special designation! And, as one of the oldest companies in Kansas City, to be a part of its rich history.

George N. Renne founded this business in 1873 moving houses with horses and providing a solid base for future growth. My grandfather, Grant U. Renne Sr., spent 70 years expanding and developing the business. He became nationally recognized as an expert in heavy moving and foundation repair work.

My Dad, Grant U Renne Jr., maintained the commercial aspect of the business and during his tenure Grant Renne & Sons installed the piers for the construction of the Royals and Chiefs stadiums at the Truman Sports Complex.

Grant U Renne III has been leading the business for over 35 years serving thousands of residential customers as well as overseeing commercial and industrial projects. Our trucks have been virtually all over the metropolitan area throughout the years from Grain Valley to Shawnee and from Paola to Leavenworth and everywhere in between.

Grant’s son, Ross Renne, represents the fifth generation in our family business. He is actively involved in helping homeowners find solutions to their foundation issues whether it be water problems or improving drainage to correct wall movement caused by settlement or inward pressure. He enjoys this facet of our business and hopes to be able to meet many of you in the community.

My favorite part of the business is talking to customers when they call in and finding out where they have heard about us – from a co-worker, their handyman, their parents whose home we repaired, their banker, their neighbor, their realtor, their church…the list goes on and on…and especially from those clients whom we have worked for in the past and now have a new problem for us to look at. One of my favorite testimonials is “you worked on my house 20 years ago and it has been great since!”

Thank you for checking us out and don’t hesitate to call if we can be of service to you!

Linda Renne Fairchild
Office Manager
Grant Renne & Sons, Inc.